Imago Sydney Relationship CounsellingImago Relationship Therapy Sydney

Imago Relationship Therapy Sydney
Helping Couples Reconnect through Conscious, Committed Partnership.

Would you like to:

  • Learn new ways of communicating - The Imago Way?
  • Experience deeper commitment towards conscious relationship?
  • Discover that you are with the right partner after all?
  • Experience renewed hope that your relationship can and will evolve to a better place?
  • Discover the purpose of your unconscious choice of partner?
  • Learn the real purpose of Romantic Love and how to keep romance alive?
  • Learn how to meet each other's emotional needs?
  • Become aware of how you get in your own way of having your needs met?
  • Learn new ways of handling differences?
  • Experience real empathy, understanding and validation from each other?
  • Learn a non-blaming way of communicating with one another?
  • Discover what that "power struggle" is really about?
  • Achieve a greater understanding of how the past affects how you are as a partner today?
  • Experience deeper love and joy with each other?

To arrange an appointment or make contact with the therapist to discuss your situation, please use the contact form provided or call 0418 226 961.

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